Depression Test And Diagnosis


Depression Test

If you have planning to visit your doctor about depression, you may worry about depression test that may you take. Firstly, you should note that not every test was the depression test. Some tests were not use to diagnose the clinic depression but rather to find out that serious medical condition which may cause the same symptoms.

In some cases, your doctor may do the physical exam ad ask the specific lab test to ensure that your depression symptoms were not relate with your certain condition or other health issue. If the symptoms were related with the other serious disease, treating that disease also able to reduce the depression.


Getting Physical Exam to diagnose depression

Once again, the aim with physical exam usually to rule off the physical cause of depression. The doctor might primary focus on endocrine and neurological system. You doctor will try to identify the main health problem which may give contribution for symptoms of clinical depression. For example, the hypothyroidism which caused by less active of thyroid gland was also become the common medical situation that related with depression.

Several central nervous system disease and certain injuries were also able to cause depression. Such as:

  • Stroke
  • Variety cancer
  • Center nervous system tumor.
  • Getting head trauma,
  • Suffering with syphilis.
  • And multiple sclerosis.

Lab test to diagnose depression

Your doctor usually able to find out whether you having depression by asking certain question and doing physical exam as mentioned before, you doctor, however as for lab test to know the other diagnoses. Your doctor may do blood test to check your medical condition which also able cause the depressive symptoms as well. The doctor will use the blood test t check several things, such as: Vitamin D levels, the other hormone, anemia, calcium and more.

Screening test for depressing diagnosis

After discuss your mood and how that way was able to impact your life, your doctor may ask you with several questions which were used for depression screening test. This is important to note that the inventories and questionnaires from your doctor become one of part for medical process to diagnose the depression. These tests, however, sometime can give your doctor wider insight about your mood then your doctor was able to use it to make certain diagnosis.

The other depression test might include of:

  • CT scan or MRI to find out other serious illness.
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Electroencephalogram (EEG)