Learning About Heart Attack Symptoms Warning Signs


Heart Attack Symptoms Warning Signs

You should note that the heart attack was the number 1 killer of both in men and women in US and other state in each year, about 735.000 Americans suffer with heart attack and heart disease become the main cause of death in men and women in US. Most of deaths of heart attack were caused by te ventricular fibrillation of the heart that happen before the victim of heart attack was able to get into emergency room. But the symptoms in men and women could be so vary, the others also might get with silence symptom. Those peoples who able to reach the emergency room hae a good prognosis, and the survival of heart attack with modern treatment was over than 90%. So this is also so mportant to know heart attack symptoms warning signs.

Some of heart tacks were sudden and intense as well where there is no one doubt about what is happening. But most of heart attack also start slowly along with slight pain or feeling discomfort. Often peoples who had affected were not sure about what is wrong and wait too long before getting any help or treatment.


What are Heart Attack Symptoms Warning Signs

However there are some Heart Attack Symptoms Warning Signs that you can analyze and getting proper help as fast as you could to prevent serious damage. Once again, these warning sings may vary between men in women; both of them were also having similarities. Knowing and understanding Warning Signs was the best option to get best treatment of preventing action

1. Getting chest discomfort, squeezing sensation and fullness

The chest pain was common symptoms of heart attack, though it could be different forms. In other case, the chest paint might not occur at all. But the typically of chest pain of heart attack was described as the pressure, squeezing, or dullness that start in chest’s center. However, it could be different chest pain between men and women. However in men might follow by nausea, jaw pain, headache, etc.

2. Getting jaw pain, headache and toothache

The pain feeling of heart attack could be radiated arms, jaw or head. Some peoples also reported that the get toothache or headache as the symptoms of heart attack.

3. The shortness breath, vomiting and sweat

Feeling the short breath or similar when you gasping for air was also general common sign of heart attack.