World Heart Day To Spread Awareness Of Heart Disease


Heart Disease Awareness Month

The World Heart Day was champagne that established to spread out the awareness about heart’s health among common peoples in around the world. This initiative was build on year 2000 to give information for peoples to always take care their heart. A big percentage from society public who were suffering from heart disease, such as: heart attack, hair failure, stroke, and so on.

Heart problems were the main cause of death in the world. So, the Heart Disease Awareness Month was celebrated annually on 29th September. The certain theme was decided for celebration in each year in order to focus on main subject and make it effective. The theme was prepared by remembering the key issues of heart health. According the World Heart Federation, at least about 80% of early death that caused by cardiovascular disease can be protected by controlling 4 factors of main risk, such as: healthy diet, less physical activity, consumes alcohol and tobacco.


Why need to celebrate the World Heart Day

The World Heart Day was celebrated in around the world to reduce the amount of death that caused by cardiovascular disease in across the world. This is international champagne to spread out the awareness among the common society to save them and give motivation to live with healthy heart. According to the WHO, the cardiovascular disease was the reason about 30% of death from the global death. Several risk factors which the most danger that leading the heart disease and strike were high blood pressure, increasing glucose level, high level of bad cholesterol, obesity, overweight, etc.

Heart Disease Awareness Month was the effective way that established by World Heart Federation to increase the awareness peoples around the globe from heart disease was leading the cause of death. The World Heart Federation also work together with WHO, spreading the essential news about heart disease and main risk factors for society in across the globe. This is give motivation for peoples to get anticipate and take some knowledge, through the proper heart check up, and following the prevention steps through the life. This was perfect day when peoples do promise for their self to stop smoking, evolving the physical activities, start to consume healthy food and so on. This is a day when peoples start aware about overeating, bad lifestyle, less exercise, and more that can cause health disease. This is also able to control for whole life by following a healthy life.