Dealing And Controlling Your Panic Attack


How To Control Panic Attacks

The panic attack was suddenly feeling for intense fear or disabling the anxiety which resulting the acute distress, such as: people who fears that there in dying or losing their control. The attack’s intensity was usually get a peaks around 10 minutes, but the symptoms still able to persist after it. The panic attack was usually happen without any warning and do not relate with the real danger or clear cause as well. Even, it might wake a person from the deeper sleep. This make peoples who often getting panic attack or having panic disorder want to know about how to control panic attacks.

Symptoms of panic attack

The symptoms of panic attack might not dangerous, but it could be so frightening. They able to make that person feel like they having heart attack or going to die as mentioned before. Here, several symptoms of heart attack:


1. Shaking

2. Sweating

3. Pounding heart rate

4. Shortness of breath

5. Chest discomfort

6. Feeling faint, dizzy and unreality

7. Fear of dying and going crazy

8. Get chill or heat sensations

9. Nausea

10. Feel like choking sensation

11. Numbness.

Because the panic attack was able mimic the other health condition, this is essential for anyone who experiencing these symptoms should be evaluated by health car professional to figure out whether there is underlying medical cause. Certain problems, such as: hormone irregularities, respiratory conditions, and stimulants hat derived from caffeine also able to cause the same symptom with the panic attack.

So, how to control panic attack?

1. Getting proper education

Education was the big part of controlling the heart attack symptoms. You can learn about how the center of brain’s fear work and able to empower peoples to know the panic attack. You should note that panic’s symptoms were not relate with serious disease.

2. Learning calm breathing

Taking the breathing control was the first step to control your panic attack. The aim was to create the slow air flow in and out, which prevent the hyperventilation and buildup of carbon dioxide inside the blood.

3. Getting cognitive behavioral therapy

Mindfulness was simple living in this current moment and receiving thoughts as they come but do not let them blowing out your proportion. Cognitive Behavior Therapy or CBT was an effective treatment to control the panic attack symptoms. You should note that panic attack could be derived from thought which spiral into the catastrophic anxiety.