Tips To Prevent Panic Attacks


How To Prevent Panic Attacks

The panic attack was very sudden and frightening experience which could feel same as you get heart attack, losing control, or even feeling like dying. Many adults experiencing 1 until 2 attacks in their lifetime, but the other may get recurrent attack which may become the indication from underlying or certain condition that called as panic disorder. A panic attack was the very sudden intents attack without any clear reason that followed by very real of physical changes, such as: rapid and high level of pounding heart rate, keep rapid breathing and sweating. There are some tips about how to prevent panic attacks and help to prevent further attack as well.

What causes of panic attack?

The exact case of panic disorder was not clear. This is might be caused by the chemical you imbalance inside the brain or neurotransmitters. This is also passed down by family or genetically factor. You can get panic attack without having panic disorder. The panic attack might be triggered by:

  • Drinking alcohol in large amount or suddenly stop consuming the alcohol.
  • Drinking large amounts of caffeine.
  • Take certain medicine, such as: medicine that used to treat heart condition or asthma or suddenly stop consumes certain medicine.
  • Chain smoking that was able to increase the number of nicotine in a blood.
  • Having high level of stress for long time.
  • Using forbidden or illegal drugs, such as: marijuana or cocaine.
  • Get recently surgery or been under the general anesthesia.
  • You may get recent baby.

The panic attack also can be caused by or related with other medical conditions, such as:

  • Thyroid problems, such as: hyperthyroidism.
  • Getting heart problem.
  • Asthma
  • Seizure disorder
  • Having depression
  • Anxiety disorder.
  • Have respiratory problems, etc.

How to Prevent Panic Attacks?

You should note that panic disorder cannot be prevented. But you are able to prevent or reduce the number of your panic attack with home remedies. For example, you able to get relaxation exercise or limiting consume the alcohol and caffeine. Implementing the relaxation technique and take steps to calm down by using the relaxation method to take control your over stressful and anxiety experience. When you getting panic attack or panic disorder, work with the cognitive behavioral therapist will help you to learn about relaxation strategy to take your control when the panic start.