The evolution of technology has a great impact on the medical field in the areas of research, communication, treatment, and information gathering. The continuity of the technological advances has improved the overall quality of the health treatments and services rendered to the patients around the globe.

More than 85 percent of caregivers and physicians look for some medical information online, and there are over 9,000 health and medical applications available today.

With technology, online patient-physician communication is now available. Wherein, medical issues and treatment options are available. Thus, patients can self-educate. More so, they can look and communicate with their healthcare providers.

For physicians, the medical applications have been a great help. It can allow them to establish contact with their clients, answer questions regarding their medical practices, launch public awareness events, perform community outreach, and access pertinent information on the web.

The evolution of medical technology has changed the healthcare industry so much. It has provided new equipment for treatment and diagnostics. It has also widened the scope of research through the development of new medicines.