Understanding Causes Of Heart Attack


What Causes A Heart Attack

The heart attack was happen when the flow of oxygen in rich blood into the heart muscle section was suddenly getting blocked and heart was unable to get oxygen. Most of heart attack was happen as the result f coronary heart disease or CHD. The CHD was the condition when the waxy substance that called as wax building up inside the coronary arteries. Those arteries supply the oxygen rich blood in your heart. When the plaque was getting buildup inside the artery, those conditions also known as the atherosclerosis. This plaque occurs for many years. So, this is also essential to know and understand about what causes a heart attack.

Several causes of heart attack

– Atherosclerosis


Atherosclerosis was gradually process where the plaque of cholesterol had been deposited inside the arteries wall. The cholesterol plaque can cause the hardening arteries wall and narrowing the inner lumen inside of artery. The narrowing artery that caused by Atherosclerosis was unable to give enough blood supplied to maintain the normal function from the parts of body that they supplied, this thing also able to trigger the coronary atherosclerosis that known as the CHD also inducing of heart attack, sudden death, chest pain, etc.

– Getting drug misuse

The stimulants such as: cocaine, methamphetamines, amphetamines, etc. were able to cause the narrowing of coronary arteries, limiting the blood supply and trigger the heart attack as well.

– Getting lack of oxygen inside the blood or hypoxia
If levels of oxygen getting decrease because of the carbon monoxide poisoning or losing the normal function of lung, the heart will get un-oxygenated blood. These things will cause the heart muscles getting damage then triggering the heart attack.

What are the risk factors of heart attack?

However, the Atherosclerosis was the major of risk factor for heart attack. Certain risk factors surely able to bring more possibility to develop the Coronary Heart Disease or CHD and experiencing the heart attack. Therefore, you ale to control many risk factors, such as:

  • Controlling high blood pressure.
  • Controlling high blood cholesterol
  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid obesity or overweight.
  • Getting healthy diet.
  • Controlling high blood sugar that caused by diabetes and insulin resistance.
  • Increase your physical exercise.

Some risk factors above may able to reduce your risk to get heart attack or heart disease. Generally, a person who have metabolic syndrome was twice more likely to develop the heart disease.