Women And Heart Attack Symptoms


Women And Heart Attacks

The symptoms of heart attack were vary from each individual. The symptoms in women could be different from the classis chest pain that also happen for men. There were related women and heart attacks because women show slightly different symptoms than men. The most essential that you are recognizing these symptoms, something that we now which women were less to do. Women tend to find out the medical attention and some treatments, despite concerning with the warning signs.

Heart attack was occur when the blood flow to the heart was blockage by buildup of plaque on coronary arteries. While the early causation could be often found from several suspects, such as: heavy smokers, having high level of stress or peoples who were getting overweight. You should note that heart disease also become No 1 killer of women, which is why you should note and understanding the signs and symptoms as well. Beside that you also can visit your doctor regularly and checking your family history record.


Several symptoms of heart attack in women:

  • Chest pain of feel inconvenience, the symptoms which most recognized of heart attack though not always show.
  • You might experience the pain feeling only on one are or some places, for some people the pain was feel so severe and the other only feel inconvenience.
  • Pain that spread out to the arm, jaw,neck, belly and back could be as the symptoms of heart attack.
  • Feeling get indigestion or type pain of reflux, this is also often ignored and assumed that it will gone pass faster.
  • Feeling breathless, sick, swear or lightheaded that followed by chest pain or related inconvenience.
  • You may feel unwell or lethargic could also as the indicator of heart attack if followed by chest pain or inconvenience.

What you should do during get heart attack?

If you experiences one or over than those following symptoms:

  • You cannot wait to call for emergency call and ensure that you follow the instruction from the operator or getting to the hospital right away.
  • Do not drive alone or you ask someone to drive you to the hospital unless you do not have any option.
  • Try to keep calm as you can and take a deep breath, slow breath while you waiting for emergency responses.

Women who consider herself health often getting wrong diagnose of symptoms of heart attack because they think that heart attack could not happen for them.