Several Women’s Heart Attack Signs


Women’s Heart Attack Signs

When you getting heart attack strike, this is not always same symptoms between men and women. Women were not usually getting classic symptoms that happen in men, such as: chest pain that radiates in your arm. Symptoms of heart attack also can happen in women for sure, but many experiences sometime vague or even silent symptom which you may unaware. There are variety women’s heart attack signs that you should aware.

A lot of women think that they do not get heart disease. More women died due to heart disease and any women also able get heart disease. So, this is several women’s heart attack signs:


1. Getting chest pain or discomfort

The chest pain was the most common sign of heart attack, but some women may feel in different way than the men. It might feel like squeezing, fullness or pain could be anywhere in a chest, not only in left side.

2. Feeling pain in your arms, neck, jaw and back

These types of pain prefer happen in women than men. These pains also happen gradually or suddenly, and may wane before getting intents. So, you should report for unexplained symptoms to your health care provider or you doctor.

3. Getting fatigue

Some women who experience heart attack feel so tired, even they had sitting for a while or do not move much.

4. Upset stomach

Sometime peoples were mistake the stomach pain which signaling heart attack, such as: flu, heartburn or the stomach ulcer. The other time, women were experiencing severe of abdominal pressure which feel like elephant sitting on your stomach.

5. Sweating a lot

Breaking the nervous, the cold swear was common in women who experiencing the heart attack. This is feel like sweating that relate with stress than sweat that cause by exercising or spending time outside.

6. Experiencing nausea, shortness of breath or lightheadedness.

If you get shortness breath without any clear reason, you may get heart attack, especially when you get one or more symptoms.

You should note that not everyone was experiencing all of those symptoms. If you get chest discomfort, especially when you have more than one symptom, you should reach emergency call. You cannot delay to get help, this is because sometime women generally waiting longer than men before the go to the emergency room. The faster you get treatment, it would be better for you and avoiding any other damages.